Instructions for before and after Nose Job

Instructions for before and after Nose Job

Before the Nose Job:

These recommendations are prepared due to medical guidelines. You should avoid smoking, alcohol intake and medications for thinning the blood (Aspirin..etc). Nicotine ingredients are interfering with circulation and healing process. Aspirin or ibuprofen increases the risk of bleeding after surgery.

Healing after Surgery:

Physical Activity:

  • You can walk but not run in a hurry. Try to limit your activity for a week. Do not lift heavy things and stay too long stand up position.
  • To avoid turning to one side please use 2-3 pillows to elevate your head while resting or sleeping.
  • Bending, stretching or pushing activities will raise your blood pressure so we recommend you not to do those activities for 10 days.
  • Healing process takes 6 weeks for the nasal bones. You can go back to your normal activities of life as before in 6 weeks.
  • You may need a nasal massage after the surgery that will be told by your doctor how to do it.


  • During the first week after the surgery do not take alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause nose bleeding by raising your blood pressure.
  • Drinking high amount of fluids will help you heal quicker and better.
  • As a precaution for nausea try to eat food 20 minutes prior to medications prescribed after the surgery.


  • To maintain the stitches and the cast to stay as they should be you should protect them form water contact. But you can take a shower.
  • If the area is wet please gently dry the cast and the wound area.

Pain and swelling:

  • Pain like sinus congestion can be felt. Pain can be controlled by pain killers. Paracetamol will be enough for this pain.
  • Swelling and bruising around the eyes and nasal dorsum can change from patients to others.

Up to second day after the surgery swelling will reach the highest level and the face will come back to normal in 4-5 days.

  1. Do not worry about the bruises and the swelling because they will go away so quickly.
  2. Your final look will appear between 6-12 months.

General Precautions After Surgery:

  1. Do not blow your nose with pressure or sniff hardly as these attempts can irritate the healing tissues. If you have to sneeze, please open your mouth.
  2. Please Do Not Use Q-Tips to clean your nose.
  3. Please keep your nose cleaned by rinsing as much as you need it. Swelling and opening periods for the nasal passage will turn to opened nasal passage form in two week gradually.
  4. Please take all the medication prescribed for you after the surgery. Those will help you to heal better.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight to your nose at least a year. Use hat and sunscreen creams with zincoxide and SPF 20 or above if you thing you will be under sun. Do not let your nose sunburn.
  6. Please quit smoking and avoid smoking areas.

Take Care of Your Nose:

  1. Please keep your cast as dry as possible. It will be removed after a week.
  2. In first 24 hours you might need to change the drip pad under your nose more frequently but after the silicones come out you won’t need them.
  3. Please rinse your nose once or twice every hour when you are awake after silicones came out. Please try to prevent dryness and crusting inside of your nose.
  4. You can apply Bepanthene pomade on the sutures twice a day.
  5. Sutures will be removed within a week after the surgery.
  6. As soon as the cast is removed the nose will appear swollen. This appearance will settle down in 3-4 days.
  7. Nasal exercises will be given to you in case a need to keep the sides of the nose narrow.

Please call your doctor if you develop any of the following:

  1. Fever over 38.5 degrees C.
  2. Pain even taking the pain killer.
  3. Swelling, redness, bleeding and drainage from the incision line.
  4. Persistent nausea and vomiting.

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