Rhinoplasty also known as nose job…

About Rhinoplasty(Nose Job) in Cyprus

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common day surgery interventions. This procedure is usually done under general anesthesia. Our team always works with the same anesthetist who knows our procedures best and we trust most. Prior to the general anesthesia specialist will examine you and investigate your blood tests. After the surgery usually you will be back to your diet in 2 hours. There are no precautions for the diet. Most of our patients have small sutures under their nose after nose job so they prefer to be away from school or work for 7-10 days. Dr. Mete never uses nasal packing after rhinoplasty but you will have silicone splint inside of your nose for a day or so. We recommend limiting the activities for 2-3 days after the nose job. But after this period you can be able to do light works at home. Pain after rhinoplasty is differing between patients. Some of the patients do not need any pain killers but some of them feel like sinus pressure on their faces. But even if the patients feel pain after surgery these can be relief by Paracetamol easily.

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Revision Rhinoplasty in Cyprus

Dr. Mete is also expert on revision rhinoplasty(nose job) which means the correction of previous unsatisfactory operations.

We aim the same goal in revision nose job as primary rhinoplasty. Our main aim is to set the open functioning nasal airway at the same time reshaping the exterior nasal look. Only experienced surgeons can apply revision techniques on these challenging operations. Previous surgical complications have to be solved in this approach such as excessive scar tissue formations and or lack of cartilages.

Analysis of your nose will carefully done by Dr. Mete. Every detail will be discussed with you. Solutions options and technique details will be explained to you. Revision nose job is a complex surgery not as primary surgery. Nasal frame work has to be maintained lacking structures has to be supported; scar revisions have to be clarified. In some cases nasal cartilage is totally lacking there may be a need to harvest cartilage from back of the ears or from the ribs.  Ear will not lose its shape after cartilage harvesting. Your surgeon will recommend the best solution for you.

If you have more questions about nose job in Cyprus you can ask for an appointment. Call our secretary at +90 392 2238270 for an appointment.

Nasal surgery such as Septoplasty, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty can be done in Cyprus with comfort and high surgical standards.  You can ask for an appointment from +90 392 2238270.