Shortness of breath can be due to nasal obstructions. Some of the structures such as chonchas in side of the nose can shrink time to time to let you breath normally. If nasal obstruction occurs and don’t leave you for more than two weeks you should ask your doctor.

Nasal examination consists of external and interior physical exams. External nasal deformities usually refer us some anatomical obstructions of the nasal passage. To determine the nasal cavity total structure endoscopic examination is needed.

Deviated nasal septum can be straightened by an operation called Septoplasty. Septoplasty can be done by Diode Laser in Cyprus. By the latest technology in surgery Septoplasty is a day surgery now. You will not have nasal packing after the surgery. Laser septoplasty gives us a painless (some of our patients can feel sinus pressure after the surgery for a day) postoperative period. Silicone nasal splints can be applicable inside of the nose after surgery.

At the same operation your choncha surgery with Laser can be done if needed. Preoperative physical examination may show us a need to widen the gates of the sinuses. All intranasal procedures can be done under general anesthesia in the same operation.

Preperation for the surgery consists of blood test. The test can be done at the same day an hour before the operation. Our anesthetist will check and examine you prior to the surgery. Post operative second hour you can start drinking and eating. You can leave the hospital 4-5 hour after the surgery. You will not have swelling nor bruises in your face, cheeks or eyes.

Recovery period is 3-4 days after surgery. You will be back to your active life after 5th day. We recommend 1-2 days of home rest. During these post operative days you should rinse your nose to humidify the inner mucosa to heal better. You will be prescribed an antibiotic and painkiller (Paracetamol etc…).

Asso. Prof. Dr. Mete İnançlı is the first ENT surgeon who applies Diode Laser surgery in Cyprus since 2013.

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Nasal surgery such as Septoplasty, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty can be done in Cyprus with comfort and high surgical standards.  You can ask for an appointment from +90 392 2238270.