Nasal Septal Button

Nasal Septal Perforation

Septal perforations can be due to trauma, prior operations or intranasal drugs. Perforations can be in the anterior or posterior part of the nasal septum. It is more common at the anterior part of the nasal septum. There are surgical or non invasive methods to heal the nasal perforations. Surgical methods consist of intranasal flaps and several operations. We usually apply nasal septal silicone button as a non-invasive method. This button can be applicable under local anesthesia in Cyprus. We use Medtronic Nasal Septal Button for this application.

Nasal surgery such as Septoplasty, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty can be done in Cyprus with comfort and high surgical standards.  You can ask for an appointment from +90 392 2238270.